This week in music history

This week in music history saw an array of musicians making headway for their respective genres.

Slinger, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Rosemary Stone was born March 21st, 1945, paving the way for Sly and the Family Stone to become a major player in the development of psychedelic music, as well as to become America’s first major rock band with a multi-gender, integrated lineup.

The Beatles played their first ever evening show at The Cavern Club in Liverpool in 1961, making a whopping $42. Only a few short years and a couple of classic songs later would the group go on to become the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed rock band in history.

This week in 1987 was when U2 debuted the UK’s fastest selling rock album, “The Joshua Tree,” at number 1 on the UK charts. After selling 25 million albums and topping charts worldwide, this critically acclaimed fifth studio album is considered to be what catapulted U2 from Irish heroes to international superstars.

This week in 1991, guitarists and gear heads everywhere shed, or as some guitarists would say, shred a tear and turned their amps up to eleven in respect to the iconic founder of Fender Guitars, Leo Fender, who passed away after a long bout with Parkinson’s disease.

Also occurring this week in 2001, rapper Eminem was slapped with one of the soon-to-become many legal bills after a messy divorce with then ex-wife Kimberly Scott. Eminem settled for $476,000 to Scott but retained custody of their daughter Hailey.

As you can see, this week in music history was filled with milestones of achievement. The birth of Rosemary Stone would one day help break down walls for racial integration on the national stage, The Beatles began their world takeover, U2 cemented themselves into people’s hearts worldwide, the Stratocaster lost a father, and Eminem became America’s favorite white boy.Image


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