I’m in love with LiLa

Durham’s LiLa is a hip-hop inspired, feel good rock band that blends genres rather than defining them.

Stirring together a unique form of old school rap flow with infectious melodies, Durham’s feel-good rockers in “LiLa” are on the rise in the Triangle.

LiLa is undoubtedly smooth, and they’re creativity is exceptional; a talented group of musicians whose songwriting serves as proof to their mission. LiLa’s brilliance rests in the way that they transcend the boundaries of identifying with one particular genre. Instead of being a hip-hop group, LiLa uses hip-hop as the medium to accentuate the many different genres that shape their distinctive sound.

An energetic rhythm section fuels this 6-piece group’s sound. The drums are intense yet simplistic, providing the backbone for a thumping bass line to keep the songs of LiLa sounding huge and memorable. LiLa’s guitar progressions are cold and contemplative, a major contributor to the complexity of their sound. A resonating trombone gives LiLa an ambient tone in an otherwise distinctly coherent form of songwriting. Their music is direct, catchy, and deep; it’s easy to feel the energy of their recordings through your headphones and begin to appreciate the individuality of their style. This individuality is taken to the next level by the vocal performances of emcee Eli McDuffee and singer/keyboardist John Le Sueur. McDuffee’s rapping is a defining feature of LiLa, with a smooth flow that is as enticing as it is relentless. If McDuffee gives the group their hip-hop vibe, it’s the stellar harmonies of John Le Sueur that provide LiLa with its undeniable attractiveness. Le Sueur’s performance pulls at your heart and leaves you wanting more. His voice is both captivating and contemplative, leaving the listener with a reflective sense of appreciation for the music that they just heard.

Check out LiLa’s music at www.reverbnation.com/lilamusic

Or see them live at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh on Thursday, March 1st



About drewdeepsouth

I'm a freshman at UNC Chapel Hill and I've been rocking for the better half of my life. Through high school, I played bass and vocals in the Charlotte based math-core band "She Looks Like a Horse." Nowadays, I play reggae rhythms with my roommate in a band called "Of Thieves and Fiends," as well as intern at Raleigh's premier entertainment company, Deep South Entertainment. Check out the music I've been involved with over the past 5 years at: www.myspace.com/shelookslikeahorse and www.soundcloud.com/of-thieves-and-fiends
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