Andrew Ryan


Local Address                                                                                                                                   Permanent Address

427 Brookside Dr.                                                                                                                 9400 Sardis Glen Dr.

Chapel Hill, NC 27516                                                                                                          Matthews, NC 28105


University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

B.A., Journalism and Mass Communication (Public Relations Sequence)

Expected graduation date: May 2015

GPA: 3.025

North Carolina State University

Certificate in Arts Entrepreneurship

Minor offered at NC State, completed over Summer 2013


Deep South Entertainment, Raleigh, NC                                                                                 Jan. 2012-May 2012

Booking/Office Intern

  • Assisted in maintaining company website, events calendar for Deep South the Bar, and writer of weekly update sent to mailing list of over 6,000 people
  • Shadowed negotiations with booking agents and record executives, shadowed and assisted in organizing live music events

Deep South Entertainment/ Benson Pro Audio                                                                  May 2012-present

Events Production Assistant and Stage Hand

  • Contracted for around 4 gigs per month to set up live sound equipment at events throughout NC, including: Oak City 7 Summer Concert Series, Raleigh; FarmFest, Selma; The Governors Ball, Raleigh; and various gigs at City Limits Saloon and Red Hat Amphitheater. Raleigh

A.R. Entertainment, Chapel Hill, NC                                                                                            April 2013-present

Small Business Owner

  • Live Sound Specialist—Speaker Supply and Rental. I’ve rented and run full professional sound for the bars He’s Not Here, and Fitzgerald’s Irish Pub, as well as multiple fraternity, sorority, and club events
  • Booking Agent—Booking agent for multiple UNC Fraternities, including Lambda Chi Alpha and Alpha Tau Omega. Book around 6 gigs between each per month
  • Events Production and Consultation—consulting for various charity and club events throughout UNC Chapel Hill, including the Phi Mu Alpha Battle of the Bands

He’s Not Here, Bar, Chapel Hill, NC                                                                                                May 2013-present

Booking Agent/ Live Sound Manager/Promoter/ Asst. Events Coordinator

  • Booking agent for live music every Saturday night, as well as occasional afternoons and Thursday and Friday night gigs depending on sporting events/charity and club functions/etc.
  • Set up and operate my own live sound equipment for concerts, certain events
  • Update the He’s Not Here social media pages to promote events

Musician/Live Sound Specialist and Events Coordinator (See Job Experience)                    Ongoing

Have played music for whole life, currently the drummer for The TrapHouse Band of Chapel Hill

  •  Play paying gigs around twice a week at Greek events, fundraisers, and local bars and clubs


ShootOut For Skin Cancer                                                                                                                                 2006-2011

Founder and Organizer

  • Bi-annual charity paintball event that raised over $15,000 for the Blumenthal Cancer Center of Charlotte, NC

Lambda Chi Alpha, UNC Chapel Hill                                                                                            Jan. 2012-present

Brother, Live Music Coordinator, Social Chair (Jan. 2013-present)

  • Organized Block Party 2013, a benefit concert that raised $2,000 for Camp Kesem NC
  • Organize all social events


Flemming Fuller

Manager, He’s Not Here


Amy Cox

Partner/ Manager, Deep South Entertainment



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Saints Apollo killin it at Deep South the Bar open mic

Deep South the Bar would like to congratulate Saints Apollo for playing a great show last night and winning Deep South’s weekly open mic contest. The Triangle’s very own quintet played simply as a guitar and violin duo last night, delivering a great set of originals to a packed house. Amy Cox, who attended last night’s show, particularly enjoyed Saints Apollo because “ they had a folk sound without losing their pop sensibilities.”

A catchy string section provides the basis for Apollo’s Mumford and Sons-esque sound, and despite the group’s short history in the Triangle music scene (forming as a duo just recently in 2011, with keys, cello, and drums to be added to the indie-pop mix later), Saints Apollo delivers a show comparable to veteran local acts.

The victors of this week’s open mic contest, hosted by th’ Bullfrog Willard McGhee at Deep South the Bar every Tuesday night, can attribute their success to the qualified musicians who make up Saints Apollo. The full band’s sound stems from catchy piano licks solidified by a backdrop of violin inspired harmonies, with the brushy drums of the rhythm section being brilliantly accented by a smooth cello, all under the veil of resonating folk guitar chords.

The band is going to be busy this May, with a radio appearance scheduled for community radio station WCOM 103.5 before their show at the Open Eye Café in Carrboro on May 5th, as well as upcoming shows throughout the Triangle, including a show at Deep South the Bar on May 17th. Check out the up-and-comers on their newly launched website


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This week in music history

This week in music history saw an array of musicians making headway for their respective genres.

Slinger, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Rosemary Stone was born March 21st, 1945, paving the way for Sly and the Family Stone to become a major player in the development of psychedelic music, as well as to become America’s first major rock band with a multi-gender, integrated lineup.

The Beatles played their first ever evening show at The Cavern Club in Liverpool in 1961, making a whopping $42. Only a few short years and a couple of classic songs later would the group go on to become the most commercially successful and critically acclaimed rock band in history.

This week in 1987 was when U2 debuted the UK’s fastest selling rock album, “The Joshua Tree,” at number 1 on the UK charts. After selling 25 million albums and topping charts worldwide, this critically acclaimed fifth studio album is considered to be what catapulted U2 from Irish heroes to international superstars.

This week in 1991, guitarists and gear heads everywhere shed, or as some guitarists would say, shred a tear and turned their amps up to eleven in respect to the iconic founder of Fender Guitars, Leo Fender, who passed away after a long bout with Parkinson’s disease.

Also occurring this week in 2001, rapper Eminem was slapped with one of the soon-to-become many legal bills after a messy divorce with then ex-wife Kimberly Scott. Eminem settled for $476,000 to Scott but retained custody of their daughter Hailey.

As you can see, this week in music history was filled with milestones of achievement. The birth of Rosemary Stone would one day help break down walls for racial integration on the national stage, The Beatles began their world takeover, U2 cemented themselves into people’s hearts worldwide, the Stratocaster lost a father, and Eminem became America’s favorite white boy.Image

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I’m in love with LiLa

Durham’s LiLa is a hip-hop inspired, feel good rock band that blends genres rather than defining them.

Stirring together a unique form of old school rap flow with infectious melodies, Durham’s feel-good rockers in “LiLa” are on the rise in the Triangle.

LiLa is undoubtedly smooth, and they’re creativity is exceptional; a talented group of musicians whose songwriting serves as proof to their mission. LiLa’s brilliance rests in the way that they transcend the boundaries of identifying with one particular genre. Instead of being a hip-hop group, LiLa uses hip-hop as the medium to accentuate the many different genres that shape their distinctive sound.

An energetic rhythm section fuels this 6-piece group’s sound. The drums are intense yet simplistic, providing the backbone for a thumping bass line to keep the songs of LiLa sounding huge and memorable. LiLa’s guitar progressions are cold and contemplative, a major contributor to the complexity of their sound. A resonating trombone gives LiLa an ambient tone in an otherwise distinctly coherent form of songwriting. Their music is direct, catchy, and deep; it’s easy to feel the energy of their recordings through your headphones and begin to appreciate the individuality of their style. This individuality is taken to the next level by the vocal performances of emcee Eli McDuffee and singer/keyboardist John Le Sueur. McDuffee’s rapping is a defining feature of LiLa, with a smooth flow that is as enticing as it is relentless. If McDuffee gives the group their hip-hop vibe, it’s the stellar harmonies of John Le Sueur that provide LiLa with its undeniable attractiveness. Le Sueur’s performance pulls at your heart and leaves you wanting more. His voice is both captivating and contemplative, leaving the listener with a reflective sense of appreciation for the music that they just heard.

Check out LiLa’s music at

Or see them live at the Lincoln Theater in Raleigh on Thursday, March 1st


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